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Migration is a reality, not an emergency – a contemporary phenomenon that will continue to shape the world for years to come. Above all, integration is one of the greatest problems that still has to be successfully solved. Our objective is to engage with the various stakeholders (newly landed immigrants, citizens, governments, NGOs on the ground) to create with them a common framework to improve the welcoming process, and subsequent integration, of immigrants.


Our project consists in:

  • Collecting best practices
  • Creating a platform and an open database to disseminate findings identifying issues, using data mining, and framing them into “building blocks” to quickly categorize the topics
  • Drafting guidelines inspired by a collection of best practices
  • Testing the models on the field – sharing the results on media, with public audiences and institution



According to UNHCR Global Trends, on average 24 people worldwide were displaced from their homes every minute of every day during 2015 – some 34,000 people per day, showing a growth trend, which is unlikely to stop in the immediate future. Asylum-seekers submitted a record high number of new applications for asylum or refugee status – estimated at 2.0 million across the globe.

Key milestones and project outcomes to date

From September 2014 we started working together with different stakeholders inside and outside the refugees accommodation centers to understand better the real situation about the migrants conditions in Italy and how we can help them on their path to integration.

  • 1st stop: Priolo Gargallo – Syracuse (Sicily), August – September 2014
  • 2nd stop: Turin (Piedmont), April 10th, 2015
  • 3rd stop: Cinisello Balsamo – Milan (Lombardy), January 16th, 2016
  • 4th stop: Vittorio Veneto (Veneto), June 11th, 2016 – Project NEXT
  • 5th stop: Venice (Veneto), June 24th to 26th , 2016 – Together We Shape IT
  • 6th stop: Shape Europe (Athens), September 16th to 18th

How would we scale our project?

We will test the model on the ground in Italy with the help of our partners in 15 refugees accommodation centers close to our HUBs. We want to develop a tutoring activity for refugees for the first 2 years in Italy, helping them integrate in the new country. Then we will export the model in other accommodation centers in Italy. After that we will allow access to the platform and the open database to all the organizations across Europe. For these reasons we started talking with our fellows Global Shapers in other countries (Spain, Greece etc) to have a biggest impact and to receive feedback about the model during the development and not only at the end.

Who we are – The Global Shapers Community

The Global Shapers Community is a network of more than 450 city-based Hubs developed and led by Young People between 20 and 30 years old who aim to make a contribution to their communities.

Hubs undertake local projects to improve their communities with a glocal impact.

Partner Organizations

  • EY (funding)
  • LA STAMPA (media partner)
  • OXFAM ITALIA (implementation)
  • STARTUPAID (implementation)
  • CENTRO VITTORIO VENETO (implementation)
  • ICS REFUGEES OFFICE TRIESTE (implementation)
  • BALON MUNDIAL (implementation)
  • PIAM ONLUS (implementation)
  • ARTE MIGRANTE (implementation)